Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Look at Lotus Cars: How Location Plays in Marketing Strategy

If there's one thing that always remains energetic in the auto industry, it's this: marketing strategy. The auto industry without a doubt is not only competitive, but a high-octane industry where trends come and go, auto selection gets efficient, and brands need to continually build just to stay ahead of the game. This includes something as simple as location.

Why Is Location so Important?

Think about it. Geography plays a role: you've got a customer base (or not); you've got accessibility (or not). If you're not in the right location, you could be sitting dead in the water. But if you're in the right location, not only do you garner a nice percentage of the market share in the business, you just might dominate!

Case in point: Lotus Cars USA.

Here's the Skinny on Lotus Cars and What They're Doing

Michigan might be benefiting very soon with a new brand taking up shop in the Wolverine State as Lotus prepares a more strategic push into the North American market, what with the new Evora 400 making its launch in December. That's right, you heard that correctly: we're going to have a new automobile brand here in the U.S. from Lotus, and the Lotus U.S. headquarters will be right smack in the middle of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Good news for Michigan, among other stories in the state at the moment.

The car company originally had a home: in Lawrenceville, GA. It just so happens that the corporation already has a presence there in Michigan with their Engineering division, hence you have a streamlining of operations and centralization that should prove to boost cost efficiency.

Location, Location, Location

That's just one piece of news out there in today's auto industry information super-highway. So I suggest you get the ignition on, strap in the seat belt, and start riding. It'll be quite a journey, and the sights you'll see will be plenty interesting and thought-provoking. Go the speed limit.