Friday, March 6, 2015

Yes, You Can Have Your iPhone Charging Station by the Microwave Now

Shouldn't we all be wireless by now? Hasn't technology advanced so much that we can call people with our brains, a microchip built in to target Wi-Fi waves? I'm getting impatient with that, people! I want the goods when it comes to electronics and technology, like Tron and the light cycles. Greetings, program!

We Just Might Be Seeing Something Close to That Wireless Technology, Though -- Right in Homes

As far as real estate trends for 2015 go, the one common theme we've seen year by year is that we want a trend to emphasize convenience. Ease of use. Expediency.

Think laundry chutes, mud rooms, and attached garages. A home that makes life in general that much easier is quite the selling point for any buyer looking for a place to live. Remember that. For this particular trend in the real estate market, though, we see quite the benefit for many moms out there (and perhaps some dads) that want to ensure their smartphones get charged no matter what without having to pull the charger out of the wall and carry it like a security blanket.

Let's say you want to cook dinner. Your spouse, though, is on the way home, and you want to contact him/her to ask if he/she can pick up another gallon of milk. Oh, maaaaaaaaaaaaan.... Phone's dead. So now you have to get downstairs to where your charger is, plug it in, wait for it turn on, all while your noodles are about to burn on the stove and cause a fire.

Then your spouse shows up along with the fire department. And you're covered in soot. It's not a pleasant situation to be in.

Is It Any Wonder That We Like This Idea of a Charging Station by the Microwave, For Example?

Thank God, though, that the fire department showed up. And perhaps maybe Superman could make a pit stop and get the cat out of the mud room or laundry chute for you! All in all, you're a happy camper, avoiding a disaster, all because you have a built-in space in a corner of a kitchen specifically designed to charge digital devices.

This makes sense with Wi-Fi proliferation and the compactness of those devices, doing away with the home offices and separate spaces dedicated to keeping the electronics in order. Mobile devices have now become much more mobile than before.

So plan on seeing this trend making waves in home design. The busy homeowner appreciates the convenience.

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