Wednesday, February 11, 2015

“That’s Beyond My Ability!” (How to Sabotage Myself From Accomplishing My Goals)

Picture a prison, people. It's small. It's dingy. It's dark. As you lay there in the darkness, you mull over the sad affairs in your detest and despair of the world, wondering when it will all end, when your agony will perish in the flames of mercy as you look for something to hold in your hand as you end it all before anyone outside the cell can ever experience the satisfaction of watching you squirm.

Not fun, right? Here's the funny thing, though -- sure, you're sitting there by yourself, and you want to get out of there, but what you don't realize is that you're safe, you're presumably healthy, and off in the corner of the shadows is a slot machine with the same three symbols to hit every time you pull the lever, releasing millions of dollars, plus a hammer and chisel for you to pick your way out and buy a ticket to the Bahamas --

See What I Just Did There?

I expanded my imagination. I thought above and beyond what was currently my situation. Sure, this is a bit of an exaggeration, as you'd be hard-pressed to find any slot machine in your jail cell, let alone a slot machine that can puke out a hammer and chisel for you to go all Shawshank Redemption, but regardless, you've achieved something monumental --

You've effectively changed your outlook. You did it all without anyone helping you. Admit it: if you were that prisoner, you'd smile just a bit, and that makes all the difference.

Let Me Be Clear: Self-Confidence Starts From Within

Again, though, I exaggerate to prove a point. The worst thing you can do when facing adversity is to simply say that you've got "no chance." That your limitations will make it easy for you to say NO.

When you think about it, we limit ourselves all the time. Why? Why limit ourselves? Why not take a stab at it and build our self-confidence as shown here by expanding our expectations, transcending what we think we can accomplish? It's worth a shot....

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