Friday, February 6, 2015

The Key to Good Brainstorming: Question EVERYTHING

If you've ever studied Leonardo da Vinci and his genius mentality, you'd know one of his great mantras ever was to question everything in life.

Question society. Question the world. Question yourself. Question religion. Question philosophy. Question people. Question nature. Be skeptical. Be challenging. Ask the hard-hitting questions like a journalist on acid, and people will bend, sway and follow your tune like they're rats and you're the pied piper.

This Spurs You to Always Keep a Journal on Hand

When you do that, this is what happens: it forces you to take notes. It forces you to log in questions. Don't worry so much about getting them answered, though, quite yet. Don't even give yourself a deadline. Simply answer the question and let it simmer in your journal like a pot of stew, merging the flavors slowly and letting it seep into your nostrils.

That way whenever you're in a pow-wow or a conference with X amount of people, you can either have that journal on hand (or locked-away questions in your head), and you're prepared to stimulate the thinking in ways that can only be explained as genius. Like you're a new Leonardo da Vinci.

Hence a Brainstorming Session Isn't About You Carrying on the Conversation

When you ask certain questions, you'll get certain answers. You'll get everyone thinking about something. You'll inspire. That gets results. That develops new trends in action plans for whatever business or focus you're in. You're not leading any conversation that way; you're simply encouraging others to help in leading.

Effective Brainstorming: It Involves Everyone

See how simply questioning everything can draw everybody in? Take note then as we end here: the ultimate goal of any brainstorming session is this -- involve your team. Get them thinking. And the way to get them thinking is simple: ask as many interesting questions as you possibly can.

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